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"How long will it take to learn to swim?"

We recommend you plan on swimming for at least a year. Frequency and consistency are key, so we've found the best results come when lessons become a priority. If you have a lot going on, remember that every little bit helps. If you're able to swim more than once per week, the learning curve is much faster!

How long are lessons/classes?

We schedule our lessons/classes in 25-minute intervals.

They meet once/week and continue all year-long.

How much notice do I need to give to unenroll?

We require 30 days notice to remove your swimmer from classes.

Does swimming cause ear infections?

There are two types of ear infections:

Outer Ear Infection (Swimmer's Ear)
This can occur there is water left in the ear canal from a pool, bath, lake, river, ocean, etc... The liquid in the ear can allow bacteria to grow and potentially cause an infection. Swimmer's Ear can be prevented with ear drops available at any pharmacy. The drops contain alcohol or boric acid and speed the evaporation of water in the ear canal.

Inner Ear Infection
Studies show no link between this type of infection and swimming.

Will my child get sick by swimming through the winter?

We recommend drying off completely and wearing the proper winter clothing before exiting the facilities to prevent any strain on their immune system.

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